Make Your Words Count

Word Connection is a company based In Biarritz specializing in Japanese translations

We work alongside linguists, project managers and translators worldwide

We undertake the following services on your behalf: sworn translation services, document certification, official documents transcription, legal and financial translation.
Word-Connection’s translators deal with challenging tasks daily, they have a wealth of knowledge in fields, such as :-

 I.T. Mobiles and apps

Technical translation,

Commercial translation,


Marketing and communication translation,

Website translation,

Translation and adaptation for software,

Video games.

English into Japanese translations are available daily, hourly, or monthly, in real time for newsfeed or content for social media.

We have translation expertise in:- automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, science, engineering, tourism, beauty and cosmetics.

We identify your language needs and accompany you throughout the translation process

Japanese translation and editing services

Sworn and certified translations for official documents , translation of corporate documents, marketing communication documentation, creative translation, website translation, e-commerce, e-learning , customer support, social networking, software translation , app localization, game and video translation.

Express and Urgent Translation

Express translation service for clients needing urgent translation and rapid delivery in Japanese from French or English. Talk to us about your translation needs, we can often find a quicker way of doing things, saving you both time and money.

Proofreading Editing Localisation

Proofreading, editing and localisation are vital parts of the translation process. We recommend adaptation of your message to reach your audience for best results; this is known as localisation. Japalization is our hand crafted specialist service for those wishing to target a Japanese audience.

DTP Editing Packaging

Our DTP services can adapt your message to your packaging. By tailoring translated content to particular layouts, we streamline your graphic design process. Our work is delivered  in your requested format, ready to print.


When dealing with sensitive documents, translation is handled in an enclosed environment. We  provide a secure encryption process. Your data is backed up and stored in two hidden locations. All staff are vetted for sensitive projects. Get in touch with us for all your security needs.

Transcription Sub Titling Voice-Over

We have expertise in transcription, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over in Japanese as well as in other languages. Convey your message with our dedicated team of professional native speaking translators.

Work Flow

Over the years we find that our work is invariably split into the following:-

Translation > Revision > Editing

A stringent Q.A. procedure is put in place to ensure quality and meet standards.

We review, edit and finalise all projects prior to delivery and provide them in your requested format, ready for rapid implementation. 

Glossary of language services


We review your text and translate it into your target language (Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Basque, German).


Native linguists review and check all projects to ensure translation accuracy.


Skilled editors and reviewers adapt your translated text. Each reviewer uses the expertise and mastery of their own language to ensure that your text reads easily and comfortably.

Q.A. Quality Assurance

Great care is taken when allocating linguists to a project. We work primarily with translation graduates and expert linguists. A client check list system is in place on our project management system. CAT tools are also used to reduce human errors and maintain consistency between translators.


We guarantee that all translated work satisfies the design brief and is delivered in your chosen format for quick and easy implementation.

Creative writing, review, editing. Whatever your project size or deadline call us for a quote.