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Our expertise in the use of CAT tools brings significant time and cost saving for all.

The proficient use of CAT tools, combined with custom glossaries and tailored terminology management, help us deliver consistent, reliable reading across documents.

CAT Server solutions helps facilitate communication between our clients and our teams of translators, editors and In-House linguists.

Investing in better technology allows us greater flexibility when editing and updating projects. As a result, this technology can help speed up the time of delivery of your documents, without compromising on quality.

Once one of our expert translators and editors have finished working on your texts, your documents are read, double checked, corrected, updated and then finalized by our in-house linguists.

All documents are delivered in your preferred format, be it a text file, an Excel file, a PO file or an Xliff.

You can process the following document types by using CAT tools:
Source documents:
  • Adobe Framemaker™ (.MIF)
  • Adobe InCopy™
  • Adobe InDesign™ (.INDD)
  • Adobe InDesign™ (.INX)
  • Adobe InDesign™ Markup Language (.IDML)
  • Adobe PDF files (.PDF)
  • Adobe PhotoShop™ (.PSD) – you need to open the file in Photoshop for the translation to be visible
  • AuthorIT (.XML)
  • DITA (.DITA, .XML)
  • FreeMind mind maps (.MM)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5
  • Microsoft Word™ 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT)
  • Microsoft Word™ 2007-2013 (.DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel™ 2003 (.XLS, .XML, .XLT)
  • Microsoft Excel™ 2007-2013 (.XLSX, .XLSM)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2007-2013 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX)
  • Microsoft Visio™ (.VDX)
  • MS Help™ Workshop (.HHC, .HHK)
  • OpenDocument text documents (.ODT, .ODF)
  • Plain text (.TXT, .INF, .INI, .REG)
  • Rich Text Format™ (.RTF, two-column .RTF)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • TMX filter
  • Typo3 pages (.XML)
  • XML (.XML) and SGML (.SGML) files
  • YAML (.YAML)
  • Any text based document can be imported for translation through the “regex text filter”
  • Complex documents (for example HTML embedded into Excel files) can be imported in a translator-friendly way using cascading filters which link several filters one after the other
  • Microsoft Office documents embedded into other documents can be imported using the composite filters
  • TMX files can be imported also as translation documents
  • memoQ can extract images from documents and offers a translation workflow for images

Software localization formats:

  • .NET resource files (.RESX)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5
  • Java properties
  • JSON
  • Multilingual XML formats (XML, using xPath)
  • Multilingual Excel/CSV formats (CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX)
  • PO Gettext files (.PO)
  • Regex text filter
  • XML
  • YAML
  • Any text based document can be imported for translation through the “regex text filter”
  • Cascading filters can be used to process for example HTML embedded in TSV files
  • Multilingual Excel files are documents with multiple columns, each representing a different language, context or other information
  • Through structural alignment, available in LiveDocs, you can automatically create perfect quality translation memories from existing documents that have structural information like resource ID, or Microsoft Excel files
  • memoQ can process image files and offers a translation workflow for images

Bilingual Documents:

  • memoQ Bilingual Document (.MBD) – import only since memoQ 6.0
  • memoQ XLIFF (.MQXLZ)
  • SDL TradosTag (.TTX)
  • SDL Trados / Wordfast Classic bilingual RTF (.RTF or .DOC, pre-segmented)
  • SDL Worldserver XLIFF (.XLZ)
  • Two-column .RTF export (.RTF)
  • Wordfast Professional TXML (.TXML)
  • Interoperability Now! XLIFF:doc

Project Files:

  • Handoff packages (.MQOUT)
  • Handback packages (.MQBACK)
  • SDL Studio package (.SDLPPX)
  • STAR Transit project (.PXF, .PPF)
  • TIPP package


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