• Document Translation

Document Translation

At Word Connection, we ensure that you benefit from accurate, consistent and compliant translations of your documentation.

From financial reports to training materials and from user manuals to scientific studies, we deliver superior Japanese translations. Our skilled linguists and project managers include specialist who understand the complexities and specific demands of your industry. Together, they form a dedicated team which can tackle projects of any size.

Expert Linguists

Expert linguists & industry specialists

No project too large or too small

Audited translations

Accurate, consistent & audited translations

The implications of poor document translations

Every language is unique and constantly evolving. Each possesses a raft of nuances, ambiguities and distinctions which can only be fully understood by native speakers.

It is impossible to seamlessly translate one language into to another without the appropriate cultural knowledge. Idioms don’t always translate directly from one language to another and the mistranslation of a single word can change everything.

Poor translations lead to misunderstandings and will impact user experiences. They can even result in serious legal issues. Documents become difficult to read and user manuals can be confusing.

Document translation

Consumers could use products incorrectly and engineers operate equipment unsafely. Health professionals may prescribe the wrong treatments and businesses could discover that their contracts are not legally binding. The legal, moral and financial implications of inadequate translations are without limits.

The importance of consistency 

Many projects involve the translation and localisation of multiple documents. It is vital that each is translated accurately. But it is equally important that vocabulary and terminology are consistent throughout. 

Our project managers ensure that your work is handled collectively. There is no substitute for the talents of our expert translators, but they have able assistants in the shape of CAT tools. These guarantee uniformity and remove the necessity to translate recurring words and phrases. All outputs are double-checked, corrected and finalised by our linguists.

Accurate document translation

Tone, style and creativity

We provide accurate and consistent translations but there are further considerations. When translating marketing materials, subtitles, gaming instructions and more. Our linguists always consider tone and style. They are able to maintain the character of your copy while bridging cultural barriers.

The finest translations reinforce both the impact of your messages and the essence of your business or brand. Better still, our creative writers will enhance rather than detract from the impact of your words.

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Regarding our Proofreading, we can undertake proofreading tasks of any size or scope.

Industries and documentation

Our linguists understand your business and the specific challenges that your industry presents. They appreciate the nuances of your space and keep up to date with changes to regulations and guidelines. They are proactive in researching new developments in your sector. As a result, you will benefit from accurate and compliant translations of technical documents, financial reports and training materials. 

Our documentation translation services encompass but are not limited to:

Patient information leaflets

Consent forms

Toxicology reports

Laboratory and medical equipment manuals

Marketing materials

Life Sciences

Clinical outcome documentation

Clinical trial documentation

Technical manuals

Servicing manuals


Internal operator manuals


User manuals

Technical documentation

Marketing materials

Finance & Banking

Credit reports

Loan documentation


Licensing agreements

Finance and banking

Disclaimers and fund regulations

Investment performance and market reports

Regulatory materials

Regulatory compliance

Marketing materials


User manuals

Training manuals

Technical Documentation

Formats accepted

HTML documents (*.html, .htm) 

Microsoft®Word®97–2003 documents and Rich Text files (.doc, .rtf) 

Microsoft®Office Word®documents (.docx, .docx) 

Text files (.txt, *.inf, *.ini, .reg, and many more). 

Microsoft®Excel®97–2003 files (.xls, .xlt) 

Microsoft®Office Excel®files (.xlsx) 

Excel 2003 XML spreadsheets (.xml

Microsoft®PowerPoint®97–2003 files (*.ppt, *.pps, .pot) 

Microsoft®Office PowerPoint®files (.pptx, .potx) 

OpenDocumentText (OpenOffice.org Write; ODT) documents 

Adobe®Framemaker®files (.mif) Adobe®InDesign®INX and IDML files (*.inx, *.idml, .indd)

XML and SGML files (.xml, .sgml) 

XLIFF files (xlf; .xlz) 

.NET resource files (.resx) 

Portable Document Format (PDF) 

Java properties files (.properties) 

AuthorIT projects (.xml) 

DITA documents (.dita) 

FreeMind mindmaps (.mm) 

Microsoft Visio 2000–2007 files (.vsd) 

Microsoft Visio files (.vsdx) 

Microsoft Help Workshop files (.hhc, .hhk) 

Scalable Vector Graphics drawings (.svg) 

Typo3 pages (.xml) JSON (.json) YAML (.yaml) WPML XLIFF files (.xliff, or no extension)