Word Connection is proud to be a Silver sponsor of the 29th International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET-29). The event will take place in Osaka, Japan from June 30 – July 1.

IJET-29 gathers professionals to connect and exchange ideas on the many aspects of interpreting and translating between English and Japanese. The event will explore the role between globalization and language-related technologies like machine translation to bring life to translation and interpreting.

A member of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT), Word Connection speaks and sponsors at the annual IJET events. This year, Kaori Myatt will represent the team. She will lead a session on How to improve translation quality with term extract and text mining.” The session will highlight general terminology management functions on popular CAT tools, and also will address common pitfalls and challenges. Come learn to use QA tools to help your terminology stand out from others!

Word Connection looks forward to connecting with translators, partners and friends at IJET-29. If you would like to connect with Kaori while in Osaka, contact us at info@word-connection.fr.