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We understand your business and its unique challenges. With extensive experience of both regulated and non-regulated industries, we appreciate the nuances and specifics of your space and remain proactive in keeping abreast of changes to regulations and guidelines together with the evolution of your sector.

You can expect accurate and compliant translations of technical documents, financial reports and training material. Digital content and marketing communications are crafted to speak clearly to your target audience while retaining the impact of your original messages.

Make sure to check our Japanese Proofreading Services and complete Document Translations as well. Speaking of Proofreading, we can undertake proofreading tasks of any size or scope. Regarding our Translations, we ensure that you benefit from accurate, consistent and compliant translations of your documentation.

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Life Science

It is vital to communicate effectively and clearly with both patients and healthcare professionals – every step of the way. We become your trusted partner that breaks down communication barriers to deliver the effective translations which support your journey from clinical trials to the safe use of your products. We understand scientific language, development processes and the contexts in which your required documentation will be used. Your messages and products can be delivered safely, accurately, confidentially and in regulatory compliance. You can reach your market quickly and with greater impact while minimising risk.

  • Labelling, packaging and manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Clinical outcome documentation
  • Marketing materials
  • Digital content
Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Our expert knowledge and experience enable us to better support investment and private banking clients. Expect accurate translations which ensure that you are compliant with industry regulations. We work quickly and within your time constraints to deliver the content, documentation, financial statements and reports which enhance the clarity of your messages and minimise your risk. Our work is backed by secure processes and robust due diligence. From regulatory materials to financial statements and from market reports to fund regulations, we provide the robust and reliable language services that you need including but not restricted to:

  • Regulatory materials
  • Investment performance and market reports
  • Disclaimers and fund regulations
  • Licensing agreements
  • Digital content


It is vital that your game provides the experience that you had envisioned, wherever it is played. Our translation and localisation services ensure that your story and characters retain their unique quality and appeal while exciting a new audience. Localising text and audio across all genres and many different platforms, we deliver games, promotional material and supporting documentation that is perfectly tailored to your target market while retaining the essence of the originals. Our experts craft In-game and digital marketing translations with impact, ensuring that you can capitalise on the increasing international demand for gaming.

  • Localised games and instructions
  • Game, metadata and document localisation
  • Subtitles and dubbing
  • In-game and digital marketing translation
  • Specialist games translators


Constantly evolving and fast-paced, the automotive industry faces unique challenges. We can help you meet them by powering connections with drivers, dealers and your other partners. Transforming documents and content to drive success in your new market, our translation and localisation services deliver marketing materials, technical documentation, software and websites with wheels.  We understand that timing is everything and that you need to react faster than ever before. We can meet your deadlines with documents, content and promotional messages which keep you motoring forward.

  • Marketing materials
  • Technical documentation
  • Digital content
  • Website localisation
  • Software, App, and Device Localization


Breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers helps you to enter and conquer new markets. Correct transcription is essential for enhanced visibility and our expertise enables you to get there – quickly. We can maximise the impact of your website, e-commerce site, mobile applications, social media posts and product data across multiple platforms. Through trusted partnerships, we optimise your content for Japanese search engines to ensure that your message hits home. Resonating quickly with your clients and target audience, your products and tech services gain maximum exposure when you need it most.

  • Digital content
  • Product data
  • Mobile applications
  • Social media
  • Keyword analysis and SEO

Industrial Manufacturing

The complexities of technical documentation, testing, training and compliance with regulations present a barrier to success in new territories. We help you meet your challenges efficiently and swiftly with superior content and documentation. Backed by expertise in a variety of industry sectors, our translation and localisation services enable you to navigate smoothly, whatever you are heading. From user manuals to technical specifications and from staff training to your website, we ensure that your content and documentation enhances rather than detracts from the success of your products.  

  • Technical documentation
  • Training and user manuals
  • Digital content
  • Marketing materials
  • Regulatory compliance

Legal Services

Working with precision and accuracy, our specialist team of legal translators delivers impressive results. Lawyers, corporate legal departments and businesses requiring the meticulous handling of contracts, court documents and digital content enjoy greater peace of mind with Word Connection. We can adhere to your schedules and prepare your legal documents for new jurisdictions, laws and languages via precise legal and linguistic localization. Legal translation is a serious undertaking and you need the right partner to eliminate misunderstandings and to ensure that there will be no litigation or financial losses.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • License and non-disclosure agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contracts and patents
  • Court documents
  • Digital content

Travel and Hospitality

Delivering authentic branded experiences for your target audience, we help you to maximise the appeal of your offering to attract new customers. We’re with you for the journey, whether you require solutions for website content, reservations, marketing or mobile apps in the tourism and hospitality industries. Localised content which is culturally relevant to your audience, will enhance your brand’s profile and drive bookings to your business. Our specialists understand your industry and how to communicate your voice whether you are hosting events, selling seats or advertising rooms and tours.

  • Website localization
  • Marketing materials
  • Software, app, and device localization
  • Bookings and reservations