Word Connection was pleased to join LSP partners at JABA-Translation’s annual Partner Summit in Porto, Portugal.

The LSP partners unite!

Before the conference began, the event kicked off June 20th with a pre-conference gathering. Participants reconnected with old colleagues and friends and made new connections with industry partners.

Over the next few days, the event covered many of the key questions that LSP partners currently face. Speakers shared on topics like how to discover and measure the value of your services for LSPs, what is the real size of the translation and localization market and where to sell on the global market.

Exploring key questions for LSPs today

Richard Brooks, CEO of K International, walked LSPs through measuring value creation and profitability. He discussed the relationship between a price discount and the ultimate impact on a company’s profit and loss analysis. In effect,“helping the industry to discover, create and benefit from the value it creates.”

Likewise, Marc Mittag shared about his crowd-sourced Open Source Translation System. First, he highlighted the difference between open source, pre-packaged and free translation software solutions. Then, he explained how open source is free in what you may develop with it. He also spoke about the future of specialized process automation.

Among the many valuable discussions, Konstantin Josseliani, CEO of Janus Worldwide, shared how to let your project management software choose the right vendor for you.

Additionally, Udo Leinhaüser covered International SEO and the five pillars of SEO. Actually, his international focus continues a theme we’ve seen at several events this year: how to help clients and LSP partners ourselves localize to reach markets internationally.

Our own James Myatt, Word Connection’s CEO, shared briefly about the Strateski Summit. The event will take place in January next year in Les Contamines, France. If you haven’t already, check out the event’s unique concept.

Thank you to all!

Lastly, a warm thanks to Joaquim, Manuela and the JABA-Translation team. Thank you for taking the time to show us around the office and organizing a stellar event!