Word Connection celebrated the 10th annual memoQfest in Hungary at the end of May. James and Kaori Myatt represented the team during the three-day event.

Global networking at memoQfest

The word on the street is that memoQ outdid themselves. Without a doubt, memoQfest 2018 was the most successful, global memoQfest yet. The event gathered over 250 translation professionals from 30 different countries.

Like all memoQfests, the event had great networking opportunities. A welcome reception on the Columbus boat kicked off festivities on May 29th. Over the next few days, guests enjoyed dinner at the Museum of Kiscell and a Gala dinner at The Castle Garden. A dinner on a boat over the Danube was also a charming experience.

Artificial intelligence and standardization

Beyond quality networking, the event fostered discussion around translation technology. Doug Strock spoke about how standardizing naming convention. He emphasized that complying with standardization is key and is a team effort.

Another topic discussed was how AI could impact the translation industry. Nataly Kelly mentioned that Google recently funded a new project to automate writing. Their goal was to automate local news stories. But writing, like translation, is a creative effort. Since translation is even more complex, AI is unlikely to cut out the human element there either.

More about memoQ

While at the event, the memoQ team took the opportunity to share product updates. Currently, over 30,000 professionals use memoQ daily. That’s over 100,000 installations and 750+ companies on the platform!

Additionally, the team spoke about new memoQ improvements. The software now enables subtitles, zip files and JSON files. A zip filter allows the user to select the files that they want to import. Users can select the SRT filter to import without a timecode. Similarly, users can now import TMX as translated files.

Introducing Hey memoQ

Last but not least, memoQ also introduced the prototype for their speech to text app, Hey memoQ. The app will support 38 languages and opens up speech to text software for iPhone users. Translators like our own Kaori Myatt tested out the app on live video!

The Word Connection team looks forward to what the next year of innovation brings for memoQ and the translation industry as a whole!