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Make sure your translated texts look and feel like the original

Have you just had some of your documents translated and need them looking like the original? With its three alphabets, Japanese isn’t the easiest language to handle, especially if you don’t speak Japanese. Japanese traditionally reads top to bottom, right to left. This means that Japanese DTP can get a bit tricky as you might not be able to put your translated text where the old text went. So…that’s where we can help. If you’d like, we can take care of the whole Japanese DTP process for you. This means that we can translate your content for you, edit it, then give it to our Japanese DTP team. If you’ve already had your texts translated, that’s OK. We can check everything for you to make sure everything’s perfect and ready to go.


Here are some of the formats we work with: Print, Publishing, DTP, Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop.

We can also help make your graphic design process a bit easier. This can be done by adapting your Japanese/international content to fit your layouts, graphics and packaging materials.

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