Beyond translation. Beyond Japan.

At Word Connection, we deliver polished translation and localisation services to an international client base. Working from our headquarters in France and Japan, we support our clients in their own time zones. Our professionals boast expert knowledge of your industry and target market.

We built our impressive reputation by providing exceptional Japanese translations.  But we can now do so much more including translation into English, French, German, Spanish and Basque. Our Japanese Office provides translation into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.

Experienced project managers evolve the perfect team and the right strategies for your project. Expertly written marketing material, creative pieces, online content and subtitles will enrich and tailor your message. Stylish voice overs optimise impact and deliver impressive results.  We enable you to bridge cultural barriers while enhancing your international reputation because translation is an art, not a science.

We speak your language

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partner

Trusted by brands, corporations, governments and associations, we ensure that our clients truly connect with their audience.

Timely Delivery

We strive to meet your deadlines without sacrificing quality to deliver your message on time, every time.



Translations are crafted to retain their original character but are tailored to impress your new target audience.

Words can speak volumes but only if they are the right words

Our talented linguists are all native speakers, industry experts and professional translators who are experienced in completing both single language and multilingual projects. Our approach to multilingual translation guarantees that your documents, digital content and videos are unified and yet adapted to your chosen audiences. Backed by a network of trusted partners, we can offer translation into almost any language.

Document Translation

From financial reports and legal documents to scientific articles and instruction manuals, our industry experts deliver accurate translations. Precise legal and linguistic localization eliminates misunderstandings, litigation and financial losses.

Digital Content

We craft content with impact, tailored to your market, which truly resonates with your new audience. Retaining the essence of your original message, we create highly readable text, regardless of the complexities of your business.

Video Translation

Expert video translation and transcription services ensure that your video productions are distinguished by stylish voice-overs and accurate subtitling. The right words perfectly expressed maximise the impact and appeal of your messages.

SEO and Social Media

 Support your digital content with the regionally tailored SEO and insightful social media posts which maximise the reach and impact of your messages. Why not give your brand a new voice and the competitive edge?


We handle the entire DTP process, delivering text which is the perfect fit for your labelling and packaging. Retaining the integrity of the original, our translations are tailored to your new market but will fit effortlessly into your layouts.


Our talented linguists can audit and enhance your translated texts to adapt your words for a new market while retaining the character and impact of the original copy. A literal translation may not be an effective one, but we can effect a transformation.

Efficiency Through Technology

There is no substitute for talented translators, but CAT tools are essential assistants. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we can offer you the greatest flexibility and consistency. CAT Tools guarantee uniformity and save time by removing the necessity to translate recurring words and phrases. But all work is double-checked, corrected and finalised by our linguists.

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