Word Connection specialises in professional Japanese translations.

Based in Biarritz, France, our language service team help you deliver your message in Japanese.

Our translations meet the highest expectations

All translations are undertaken by qualified Japanese translators. Japanese is the mother tongue of all our translators, many of whom are living in Japan. Word-Connection have fostered a steadfast working relationship with leading linguists, translators and language companies.

Asian Language Translation

Our Japanese office handles all major asian language combinations; being based in an asian time zone assures close collaboration and round the clock monitoring of your projects. Our Japanese team in Europe track and handle all multilanguage projects.

We offer translation into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.

Looking to expand and grow your business cross-border or internationally?

For large translation projects we build and manage translation teams; these teams collaborate on our dedicated servers. Regardless of your language combinations we ensure deadlines are met and all languages are delivered on time.

Our translators are trained in the use of up to date translation tools, bringing you cost saving solutions and a consistent translation across projects.

Our native Japanese team provide in house editing and revision. We have particular experience in handling:-Japanese medical translation, Japanese legal translation, Japanese technical translation, Japanese financial translation, Japanese software translation and also the automotive, pharmaceutical, science, engineering, tourism, beauty and cosmetics fields.

All projects are stored securely and safely backed up. Talk to us about having your documents translated professionally.

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