Association of Translation Companies

Word Connection is proud to be an associate member of The Association of Translation Companies (ATC). ATC membership is recognised globally as a mark of quality-managed language services.

Representing the interests of language service providers, the ATC is dedicated to promoting good practice, professional standards, effective management and high-quality translation work. The association provides a powerful voice for industry professionals but is also dedicated to supporting the interests of those who purchase language services.

About the ATC

The ATC was founded in 1976 by leading translation companies. The aim was to drive improved industry standards to better support all exporters of goods and services. Since its formation, the organisation has played a significant role in the advancement of European language services. The association was one of the original developers of the European translation services standard EN 15038. This was a precursor to the international translation services standard ISO 17100.

Extensive research enables the ATC to better understand the needs and challenges of both its members and the businesses they serve. ATC conferences and networking events ensure that members can connect with each other, collaborate and remain abreast of developments in the industry. Training programmes established by the ATC together with the association’s prescribed standards continue to drive best practice while ATC awards encourage excellence.

The objectives of the ATC

Prescribed objectives clearly define the role and ambitions of the ATC. Those objectives are as follows:

  • To promote the interests and use of ATC member companies
  • To promote the interests of the translation profession as a whole
  • To promote, publish and enforce a Code of Professional Conduct for ATC members
  • To arbitrate in matters concerning members and clients
  • To establish, maintain and promote the adoption of rigorous quality systems
  • To protect the interests of those purchasing translation services
  • To ensure that ATC members invest in full professional indemnity insurance
  • To promote co-operation between members and within the profession as a whole
  • To publish information regarding the profession for the benefit of members and translation purchasers
  • To promote greater use of professional translations by those seeking to sell or communicate on an international level

ATC Member Services

ATC members are supported by a wide range of services provided by the association as are the individuals, businesses and public bodies that commission translation services. The association provides translation purchasers with detailed information regarding members’ specialities and any assistance they need. It consults with the Government in the UK on matters related to the translation profession, organises conferences, provides training programmes and defines standards.

Membership of the ATC includes affiliation to the European Union of Associations of translation Companies (EUATC). Members of the ATC can also take advantage of the association’s ISO certification service.

association of translation companies

What is EUATC?

The EUATC is an umbrella organisation for the national associations of translation companies throughout Europe and not merely those operating in the EU.

The EUATC promotes the highest standards of excellence in business practice and translation quality. It works to improve linguistic training across the continent and addresses issues that impact the translation industry. The organisation provides a voice for language service providers while assisting translation buyers in sourcing the right businesses to work with.

ISO certification

ATC Members may be audited for ISO 17100 (Translation Services) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent organization with a membership of 167 national standards bodies. It brings together experts from its members that develop international standards with the aim of promoting and supporting best practice and innovation while finding solutions to global challenges. ISO standards are voluntarily adopted. Conformity is assessed and certified by external bodies, including the ATC, and not by the ISO.

ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

This internationally recognised standard specifies requirements for the core processes, resources and the other aspects of providing the service that are necessary to deliver a high-quality translation service. To achieve certification, a translation service provider (TSP) must demonstrate that they possess the capability and resources to meet the needs of their clients. They must also demonstrate that they adhere to all relevant industry codes, best practice guidelines and legislation.

ISO 19001 Quality Management

This standard specifies the requirements for a quality management system. To achieve certification an organisation must demonstrate the ability to provide services that meet their client’s requirements and that also adhere to any applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Organisations must also demonstrate that they aim to enhance customer satisfaction by effectively applying the quality management system and that they have evolved processes for improving that system.

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